How to schedule your digital nomad mentoring session

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You can design your life around freedom

Book a Discovery Session with internationally recognized lifestyle entrepreneur Rosie Bell to kickstart your journey to location independence.


Step 1: Select the duration

Your 1:1 Discovery Session with Rosie Bell can be 30 or 60 minutes. 


Step 2: Schedule and pay

Select your preferred date and time then pay for your session. Once payment is received, you’ll receive an order confirmation by email.


Step 3: Get support

During the call with Rosie, you’ll get inspiration, tools, and support to design and live your freedom life. Ask Rosie anything about location independence, life design, starting over, new career and business ideas, profitable online businesses, freedompreneurship and digital nomadism.

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Why book a Discovery Session?


Each conversation is a step towards clarity. You should book a lifestyle strategy session with Rosie Bell if:

✓ You feel that the picket fence life isn’t for you.


✓ You want to escape the rat race and ditch the 9-5.


✓ You want to liberate yourself through remote, flexible work.


✓ You want to know how to balance travel with working remotely.


✓ You dream of living in another country for a week, a month, a year or maybe forever.


✓ You want to start the online business of your dreams and create digital products.


✓ You want to build a location-independent career combining your skills and passions to craft a life you love.

✓ You want freedom to be at the core of your life.


✓ You’re weary of “digital nomad in a day” pyramid schemes.


✓ You want to make commuting a thing of the past.


✓ You’re fearful and lack confidence to pursue the nomad lifestyle.


✓ You want to save time, money and sanity as you transition into working online.


✓ You want to pivot your profession and learn legitimate ways to earn money online.


✓ You feel you’re meant to be a citizen of the world but you don’t know how to do so legally and financially.

Let me support you.

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Meet your mentor

Hello hello. My name is Rosie Bell and I’m a location-independent writer, editor and lifestyle entrepreneur that helps freedom lovers travel and work online. I have been featured in ABC News, NBC News, Authority Magazine, HuffPost and the BBC among other reputable publications. I’m also the author of the life design manual, Escape to Self, which has been called “an empowering wake-up call”.


For over five blissful years, I have been a digital nomad: a person living a technology-enabled lifestyle, working and travelling anywhere in the world. I am 100% location-independent and I have been fortunate to see over 100 global destinations including Bali, Bonaire and Brazil. I’ve taken high-altitude trains in Argentina and swam in the Atlantic, gasped at the Panama Canal and sipped umbrella drinks in Puerto Rico where the piña colada was invented – all while making a living from my laptop from various income streams.


My mission (and greatest pleasure) is to help people find life satisfaction and career success on their own terms. I believe in doing work you love, living where your soul feels alive and intentionally making your life work for you.


I can help you reclaim your time, freedom, and overcome the fear of escaping the rat race. Let’s talk.