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About Rosie Bell

Finding freedom feels fantastic.

It took me quite a while to get there, however.


About a decade ago, I worked in a big-name advertising agency in London. Life looked good on paper but on the inside, I was anxious, hopeless, and unfulfilled. Like 37% of people surveyed in Britain at the time, I found my job completely pointless. I felt stuck in a role I thought I “should” be happy with, I hated my commute, the early mornings, and the high-pressure environment, and I couldn’t stand asking for permission to take two-week holidays months in advance. Recognize the feeling?


Like so many, I knew I craved freedom and wanted to break out of the crippling rat race I was in, but I didn’t know how to. Years were spent (more like wasted) running around like a headless chicken trying to think of ways to live abroad and take my job with me. I would have loved a mentor to support me through the process of becoming location-independent.

Rosie Bell writer and editor

Since then I have gone from a frazzled office worker (burnt out and breaking down regularly) to a freedompreneur and professional traveler writing for prestigious publications like National Geographic, Lonely Planet, and Condé Nast Traveler, and my books and courses have been enjoyed by thousands of people around the world.


Freelancing was my ticket to break the chains of the status quo and live my best life around the world. I often pinch myself thinking about the lifestyle business I now have which genuinely brings me professional and personal fulfilment.

Rosie Bell digital nomad and travel writer

My name is Rosie Bell and I’m a location-independent writer, editor, and lifestyle entrepreneur. My mission is to share practical advice to help freedom lovers travel, work online, and escape the rate race (like I did). I have been featured in ABC News, NBC News, Authority Magazine, HuffPost, and the BBC among other reputable publications. I’m also the author of the life design manual, Escape to Self, which has been called “an empowering wake-up call”.


For over seven blissful years, I have been a digital nomad: a person living a technology-enabled lifestyle, working and traveling anywhere in the world. I am 100% location-independent and I have been fortunate to see over 100 global destinations including Bali, Bonaire, and Brazil. I’ve taken high-altitude trains in Argentina, swam in the Atlantic, gasped at the Panama Canal, and sipped umbrella drinks in Puerto Rico where the piña colada was invented – all while making a living from my laptop from various income streams.


Welcome to Discovery Sessions.

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Discovery Sessions teaches travel-loving rat race escapees about location independence so they can design their lives around freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment.

My mission is to share practical advice to help freedom lovers travel, work online, and escape the rate race (like I did).

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Our articles, online courses, and resources have all been developed to help people build location-independent careers combining their skills and passions to craft lives they love.


Because finding freedom feels fantastic.

Ready to find yours?