All the companies with digital nomad retreats and workations this year

Last updated on June 2nd, 2024


Ever since Tim Ferriss wrote “The 4-Hour Workweek”, hoards of people have been firing the office and hitting the road to join “the new rich”. Life design (actively curating the kind of lifestyle you want) has taken on increasing importance. Experiences too replaced things as the pinnacle of success and somewhere along the way, the digital nomad movement took off. The more people joined the nomadic work train, the more services cropped up to cater to them.


Specifically for those who fear that a life of location independence equates to lonesomeness, there are countless digital nomad retreats where one may collect stamps as well as friends. Here are the companies hosting digital nomad retreats and group work and travel “workation” programs in 2022.


*Please note that locations and dates for programs are subject to cancellation or change. Please contact organizers directly to inquire about all locations and itineraries. 


Hacker Paradise

Hacker Paradise curates trips for all sorts of remote workers. With a strong emphasis on professional development, they offer structured programs that include workshops and networking opportunities in various global locations. There are various one-month programs that you can join before or even after the official start date.

Noteworthy 2024 destinations: South Africa, Brazil, Sweden, Mexico City



Remote Year

Remote Year is one of the pioneers in the work and travel game and by far one of the most popular digital nomad programs. They provide the logistics, including travel plans, accommodations, and coworking space access, as well as local experiences. Remote Year has one-month programs as well as longer journeys of four and 12 months. There are programs designed for individuals with digital nomad jobs as well as companies.

Noteworthy 2024 destinations: Argentina, Spain, Turkey, Peru



Nomad Cruise

New Year’s Eve with Nomad Cruise on Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Nomad Cruise is an invigorating conference at sea typically with well over 200 nomads. Expect talks, skillshares, workshops, entertainment, and land tours. Tickets include accommodation and access to all onboard events. You’ll have so much fun taking in multiple destinations like Brazil, Italy, or Antarctica, and this is one of the very best communities to expand your nomadic network and be in one place with established professionals who can help you take your business to the next level.


The brilliant organizers of Nomad Cruise have built a great digital nomad community as there are pre-unions and reunions before and after the main conference and many cruisers carry on traveling together well after disembarkation.

Noteworthy 2024 destinations: Japan, Vancouver, Alaska

Website: Nomad Cruise


Join over 200 nomads on the next Nomad Cruise sailing, a 13-day trip from Vancouver, Canada, to Japan via Alaska on 29 September 2024. Book here and use code “thebeachbell” to get $100 off your cabin price.



Nomad Train

Nomad Train brings together digital nomads on epic railway journeys. It’s a unique way to experience remote work while traversing vast landscapes in lesser-trammeled corners and the journey includes bilingual local guides and organized cultural events along the route.

Noteworthy 2024 destinations: Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan




WiFi Tribe

If there’s somewhere in the world you’d like to go, chances are WiFi Tribe is running a chapter there. On these digital nomad retreats, you’ll find a mix of passionate, free-spirited digital nomad friends from all corners of the world on a journey of work and travel. There is an interview process before acceptance to ensure community synergy with fellow nomads.

Noteworthy 2024 destinations: Namibia, Egypt, Malta, Guatemala




Digital nomad communities

Unsettled co-creates “remarkable experiences for professionals who refuse to settle in their pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure”. Unsettled also helps organizations take their work on the road with team retreats.

Noteworthy 2024 destinations: Tahiti, Bali, Patagonia



Noma Collective

With its inaugural voyage in Belize, Noma Collective is a digital nomad travel community focusing on facilitating remote work-ready destinations and communities around the world. If you have a full or part-time remote job, you can join their programs which incorporate wellness and adventure in destinations such as Mexico and Nicaragua. Unlike other companies on this list, this company has a Noma Family concept which caters to remote worker families who want to see the world together whilst still being able to maintain their work schedules.

Noteworthy 2024 destinations: Kenya, Marrakech, Belize, Panama





Outsite is a membership coliving community designed for those who value a balance between work and outdoor activities. Their coliving spaces are located in scenic spots ideal for surfers, hikers, and nature lovers. Membership is available through their website and provides benefits like accommodation discounts and community events. Some accommodations are also open to non-Outsite members.

Noteworthy locations: Bordeaux (France), Cascais (Portugal), Oaxaca City (Mexico)



Venture With Impact

Venture With Impact organizes one-week and month-long retreats that combine remote work with social impact projects. Participants get to work on their own projects or jobs while engaging with local communities and volunteering ethically.

Noteworthy 2024 destinations: Mexico City, Lisbon




The Nomad Escape

Convene with other nomads and remote workers while wearing flip-flops with The Nomad Escape, which runs business retreats in idyllic settings. “No pitching, no business cards, no suits” is the motto as entrepreneurs, companies, and teams work, live, and learn together in a digital nomads hub like Tulum, Mexico, or Madeira, Portugal.

Noteworthy 2024 destinations: Maderia (Portugal)


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On Discovery Sessions Learning, you can find on-demand courses to help you escape the rat race, travel, freelance, build or grow an online business, and maximize your freedom. Visit our course library here


What is the best travel insurance for digital nomads?

Safety Wing is the ultimate made-for-nomads-by-nomads travel insurance provider. Protect yourself anywhere in the world with their flexible nomad insurance.


How can I find accommodation as a digital nomad?

There are great deals to be found for short and longer stays (of up to 30 days) anywhere in the world on Agoda,, Expedia US, or where you can search for accommodations and filter according to criteria like desks, air conditioning, private bathrooms, and complimentary Wi-Fi.


How can I get an international SIM card when I’m traveling?

It’s quick and painless to get an eSIM (or digital SIM card) and data plan from Airalo that covers practically any country in the world before you get there so you never have to bother going into a phone shop. With the Airalo app, you can keep track of your data usage and top up easily.


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