Discovery Sessions teaches travel-loving rat race escapees about location independence so they can design their lives around freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment.

Discovery Sessions was created by Rosie Bell, an internationally recognized location-independent writer, author, and lifestyle entrepreneur. You may have spotted her in Forbes, ABC News, NBC News, Lonely Planet, HuffPost, BBC Worklife, and many other reputable publications.

She has been a digital nomad for over seven years and her mission is to share practical advice to help freedom lovers travel, work online, and escape the rate race (like she did).

If you are curious about location independence, working online, and digital nomadism, Discovery Sessions' content and services will most certainly appeal to you.

Discovery Sessions blog posts educate rat race escapees about location independence so they can travel, work online, and maximize their freedom.

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A location independence mentoring session is a virtual lifestyle chat with long-time digital nomad, travel writer, and lifestyle entrepreneur Rosie Bell. During the call, you’ll get inspiration, tools, and support to design and live your freedom life.

You can ask Rosie anything about location independence, starting over, new career and business ideas, profitable online businesses, freedompreneurship, monetizing your hobbies, and digital nomadism.

You can choose your preferred duration for your call: 30 or 60 minutes. If you require more extensive mentoring, you can purchase three one-hour sessions.

The virtual call will take place on Zoom. The video conferencing details will be sent by email after you make your booking.

Your Discovery Session with Rosie Bell should be viewed as a relaxed, informal, and informative call where you can ask all your burning questions about traveling, working online, and location independence.

The session can be a video call or audio-only according to your preference and comfort level.

Yes, these are 1-2-1 video calls with you and Rosie Bell but you can bring anyone else onto the call with you.

Rosie's availability is listed for months in advance. If you do not see your preferred time on my scheduler, please feel free to email her about an alternate slot and she will happily open up a new time slot for you as her schedule permits.

ABC News once called her "the real deal". Rosie Bell, is an internationally recognized location-independent writer, author and lifestyle entrepreneur who’s been featured in Forbes Travel Guide, NBC News, Lonely Planet, South China Morning Post, HuffPost, and the BBC among other reputable publications.

Her mission is to make location independence information more accessible to people looking to escape the rat race and design their lives around sweet freedom.

To make the most of your 1-2-1 time with Rosie, it helps to plan your conversation material and come to the session with specific questions.

Each conversation is a step towards clarity. You should book a Discovery Session if:


✓ You are an aspiring digital nomad

Travel is calling your name ferociously. You feel stifled by your current work situation and location and want to get out of there like yesterday. You want to be a citizen of the world but you are completely at the beginning of your freedom journey and don’t know where to start. The idea of transitioning overwhelms you but you do feel a sense of urgency to change your life. Freedom and income are of importance to you.


✓ You are a beginner or early-stage digital nomad

You have tasted the sweet nectar of freedom and want more. You have experienced some level of remote work and travel perhaps on a sabbatical, backpacking, a hush trip, or on an epic far-flung vacation. Maybe during your travels you met some salaried digital nomads, freelancers, or freedompreneurs who introduced you to multiple income streams and the joys of location-independence. Now you want to solidify this lifestyle for yourself. Money, freedom, and flexibility are concerns of yours.


✓ You are a career switcher

You are experienced in your career and financially stable. You have worked remotely and traveled but now seek more meaning, free time, and possibly new challenges. You believe that wealth is about doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want and you are over the traditional narrative of sacrifice until your 60s and then retire. Your main drivers are time, fulfillment, and autonomy.


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