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How this Bostonian switched from events to starting a digital nomad business

Last updated on February 1st, 2024


Meet Michelle Carra from One Way Nomad. She’s a digital nomad business owner currently living in Mexico. Welcome to “Life by Design”. This Discovery Sessions interview series probes inspiring individuals who work online and travel, and people designing their lives around freedom to inspire readers just like you. 


Rosie Bell: Where are you from or where do you feel local to?

Michelle Carra: I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts.


RB: How did you start your digital nomad business? 

MC: I became a digital nomad by selling virtual events and conferences for a remote company in the US. I have had the desire to start my own business for a few years now and I finally pulled the trigger this year. One Way Nomad was born and I am helping people secure a remote career and become location-independent.


RB: What advice would you give someone looking to start a digital nomad business? 

MC: Starting your own business is challenging and takes a lot of courage and patience. I would personally find a mentor or coach in your field who can help with your weak areas. For example, I am great with the big picture idea but when it comes to the fine details, I struggle. Therefore, I hired a coach who was great with project management and they helped me achieve the small daily and weekly goals.


RB: What does a typical day in the life look like for you (if you have one)? 

MC: Since I just started my business recently, I am building content and researching my ideal client. I want to be a resource for individuals who want to build this lifestyle. Eventually, if they need assistance in the process, I can be viewed as an expert based on the vast content and experience.



RB: What’s the biggest challenge of life as a digital nomad business owner?

MC: Persistence and patience. Starting a business is scary and involves a lot of personal and professional development. I believe there is an assumption that clients will arrive at your doorstep right away which is most definitely not the case. It is after persistent action over weeks, months, and sometimes years before you will see the full flower blossom.


RB: What’s the biggest reward of life as a digital nomad business owner?

MC: I love what I do every day. It sounds cliche but I have built a life where I am able to get paid to do what I love. People pay me to talk about travel, write about travel, post about travel, and live the nomadic lifestyle. I manifested this lifestyle. I have been traveling for around eight years now and I have turned my reality into a profitable idea.


RB: How do you measure success? 

MC: Success for me is loving the process. We all want to get to the end destination or goal but once the goal is completed, there is this feeling of emptiness that the journey is over. Therefore, my success is waking up every day excited about going to work. It makes me happy to create blog posts. I love going outdoors in a new city to grab content on my GoPro. I enjoy researching new cities to visit and the best cafes, restaurants, things to do, etc. Since I started my own business, every small addition to my business feels like a success.


Interview with digital nomad business owner Michelle Carra on Discovery Sessions


RB: What habits, principles, or ideas have served you the most in your life? 

MC: Do it for the story. I have said this for as long as I can remember. I am no longer fearful of failing. I consider every roadblock a chance to reassess the progress and pivot. I also love writing. I have a travel journal of my stories from across the globe. I truly love to look back at all of the stories I have created in my lifetime.


RB: What do you wish you did differently (in work or life)?

MC: I wish I had started earlier with my business. I have been thinking about this idea for nearly four years now and I was too afraid to take the leap. Everything happens in divine timing though.


RB: The stage is yours, tell our readers anything.

MC: You have a mission for this lifetime and that little voice in the back of your head that keeps nagging you is trying really hard to get you to listen. You will always be supported in this world.



Follow Michelle’s journey and work with her at One Way Nomad.



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What is the best travel insurance for digital nomads?

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How can I find accommodation as a digital nomad?

There are great deals to be found for short and longer stays (of up to 30 days) anywhere in the world on You can search for accommodations and filter according to criteria like desks, air conditioning, private bathrooms, and complimentary Wi-Fi.


Where can I find useful travel resources for digital nomads?

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